About Luke Henry Watches

Luke Henry Watches Make Your Moments Count

Let's talk about style. There are people who believe that style is something you are born with. A mysterious fashion-gene that allows certain men and women to dress impeccably, always find the right accessories and look good wearing almost anything. Many people believe It we don't.

Timepieces For Your Timeless Moments.

We are Luke and Henry, the creative minds behind Luke Henry Watches, and we are here to usher in a new era of luxurious watches that combine style, creativity and timeless design. Growing Up, we both had seen our fathers and grandfathers take great care of there handmade watch collections. Premium watches were status symbols back then and we were utterly mesmerized by the complicated construction and awe-inspiring design of those magnificent artifacts. That's exactly why we decided to follow in the footsteps of all those traditional watchmakers and create a line of superior quality watches that make a statement every time you put them on.

Re-Inventing Time.

Our goal is to offer every modern, stylish and sophisticated man and woman a chance to own a sleek, elegant and timeless watch. That's exactly why we have spent months searching vintage watch designs, experimenting with innovative materials and incorporating old-school techniques into our designs. We want you to feel confident, beautiful and trend-setting when you are wearing one of our premium watches.

You Are The Reason We Are in Business

Offering you a flawless customer experience is our #1 priority. We want you to enjoy every single moment you are shopping for or wearing a Luke Henry watch! Our customer happiness specialists will make sure to answer your every question, resolve any issue or even offer you tips on how to magnetize people with your outfit.

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